Monday, February 05, 2007

Bad cover version

Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber lists his 25 Worst Album Covers Of 2006. Those named and shamed include TV On The Radio, Lupe Fiasco, Mew, Rod Stewart and The Who.


Watch the YouTube footage from The Arcade Fire's acoustic rendition of 'Wake Up' in the foyer of Porchester Hall in London last night and wish you were there.

On a rather different note, I'm still not sure whether this and the site it appears on is a spoof or the work / thoughts of a genuine nutter. Perhaps it'd be best to take the man's advice and steer clear of all the named bands, especially Elton John because he's "really gay". Thanks to Abbie for the link either way.


Blogger Damo said...

I'd say it's a spoof, if I had to guess. There was something similar a little while back called "Mothers Against Noise", which was the subject of much debate. Radiohead were a "noise" band, apparently.

3:56 pm  

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