Thursday, December 09, 2010

Alive and kicking (out the jams)

When Spillers announced in the summer that they'd be leaving the premises on the Hayes in Cardiff that they'd occupied since the late 1940s, the future didn't look too bright for what is officially the world's oldest record store. So it was with some trepidation that I went along to their new home, a stone's throw away from the old one in Morgan Arcade - but I'm pleased to report that it might actually be an improvement.

No longer exposed to the plate glass consumer porn of the new St Davids 2, the shop actually feels more at home in one of the city's many unique arcades, in amongst a clutch of independent brethren. There are two floors (the upper one being affectionately nicknamed the VPL - the Vinyl Perusing Level - by staff), but otherwise it's business as usual: healthy prominence for the offerings of local bands as well as the recent Matador promotion (cheap Guided By Voices albums? Don't mind if I do...), knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent choice of in-store music. Cat Power's 'The Greatest' started up the minute I stepped over the threshold and was almost instantly sold to an intrigued punter who'd never heard her before.

So, great to see it thriving - long may that continue.


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