Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flaming good

Four early observations on new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs:

1. It's more measured and subtle than its predecessors - less full-on, less overtly apocalyptic, less pomp and circumstance, but not necessarily the worse for it.

2. A lot of the songs sound like Springsteen, except for the single 'Ready To Start', which sounds like the Strokes.

3. Wyn Butler really is obsessed with the youth of today, isn't he? "The kids" recurs like a mantra.

4. It's rather a splendid comeback, whichever way you look at it.


Blogger Lanterne Rouge said...

I have just ordered this so note your comments with interest Ben. Funeral impacted on me more than most LPs of the past decade but I was woefully underwhelmed by the second album. The Springsteen comparisons aren't selling it to me although I retain an open mind. This LP is make or break for them and I hope they haven't completely disappeared over the hill into stadium land.

3:31 pm  

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