Thursday, May 24, 2007

Listening post

While I set up a trial run of the aforementioned new feature for posting next week (thanks to everyone that replied to my emailed request, by the way - if you've not had a response your mail came too late but you're on file if I do this again), allow me some self-indulgence with a little bit of advertising for my own project.

Last November Songs To Learn And Sing invited a selection of people to write about the song they think everyone should hear, participants including many an Art Of Noise 'name' as well as two members of Los Campesinos!, Jeremy Warmsley, Emmy The Great, Go! Team/Pipettes/Foals producer Gareth Parton, Plan B/Phonogram scribe Kieron Gillen and a phalanx of bloggers and 'other'.

It proved so popular that we're giving it a second go for the first twenty days of June with a new set of writers. As expected it's running a little short, so if you're interested get in touch through Sweeping The Nation's sidebar contact details.


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