Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CSS at Maria, Berlin, 12 April 2007

(By Caskared)

Not many bands come on to the chanting from the audience that they suck, but “C S S SUXXX” was a glorious start to the gig by the upcoming art-pop stars. I missed the support bands completely but judging by the buoyant mood the crowd were in I think I may have lost our on a treat. I had last been to the venue in 2002 when it was Deli, a warehouse night club, and glad to see its entrance is still a dirt track through some railings. It felt suitable for the sort of DIY chic of the band and audience of low-fi cool kids. I got in sometime after 11 to the sounds of To the 5 Boroughs by the Beastie Boys, a nicely irreverent choice to prelude the main attraction. And they are attractive, and fun, and upbeat, and superstylish in an art-school southern hemisphere kinda way.

As a band they’re really tight, their sound was impeccable, like listening to the record, but with added energy. The lead singer relishes her role and danced in her tasselled leotard shambolically throughout the set. The guitarists gave good reverb and the keyboards and drums pushed the songs through their paces with uptempo melodious charm. Lovefoxxx was chatty with the audience, asking us if we were in love before launching into Alcohol. She can’t really sing, more anti-sings, and it sounds great! The whole project was based on just having fun, and that’s how they are on stage, having fun, and infecting the audience. And they’ve still got an energy forged from not quite believing their luck, although if they didn’t have such great songs then their popularity might be simply luck.

Highlights were Meeting Paris Hilton, the rudey dance to Art Bitch, a smoothed out A La La that rolled through our ears and the finale (and they teased us that they might not play it) Let’s Make Love. Their final song set the dancefloor to revel, sounding fresh and like an absolute pop classic that it is. And they finished just in time to catch the penultimate S-bahn home.

Catch them before they get overexposed or before they burn out!


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