Friday, September 15, 2006


And at last it's done!

The A-Z CD (well, double CD) produced to commemorate the conclusion of the A-Z Of Music feature is currently landing on doormats all around Europe and hopefully subsequently finding its way onto stereos / into computers and thence into the affections of its recipients.

So, what does anyone make of the results? What do you like? What do you hate? Any tracks that have caught you completely by surprise? (Steve, I'm looking at you...) Share your thoughts in the comments box below...


Blogger stevedomino said...

ha! well as i've already mentioned, the two cds soundtracked a dull drive yesterday and fair cheered me up.

however, i was convinved the Barbara Streisand track was someone like The Brides of Funkenstein or something... imagine my surprise when I looked at the tracklisting... entirely the point of the whole enterprise and great stuff!

other favourites are Missy Elliott and Wir Sind Helden. plus i'd forgotten how good a pop song 'Pristine Christine' is.

let's go round again!

7:38 am  
Blogger Ben said...


Currently listening to the CD and I think an apology is required because both of my tracks are much longer than anyone else's.

In my defence, the Silver Mt Zion track is the most conventional and one of the shortest on that album, and The Icarus Line track is the centrepoint of Penance Soiree and my favourite, so it made sense to choose it.

I won't hold it against anyone if they find the impulse to press the skip button too strong to resist. Well, probably not anyway. ;)

More reaction to come once I've digested it all, but what I will say is that each and every song is making me go back to the original A-Z posts to find out what the people who contributed them wrote.

11:37 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Right, some random thoughts, in no particular order.

Against all the odds, the Barbara Streisand song is indeed very good.

'The Card Cheat' is superb - must get a copy of London Calling. And some Will Oldham stuff - cheers Steve...

Who knew the Germans knew their way round an indie tune?

You may have played everyone 'Stone Cold Dead In The Market', Alison, but not me I don't think. And yes it's great.

'Justified And Ancient' hasn't aged very well, has it? That's always the way with what sounds cutting edge at the time, though, isn't it?

Overall: I can genuinely say there are very few songs I positively dislike, or even feel indifferent about.

(Incidentally, if anyone wants the "proper" version of the Clearlake song, I've got it on a Domino sampler - let me know and I'll send it on via SendSpace.)

1:14 am  
Anonymous Russ L said...

I did tell you all. Queen Bee, baby.

Incidentally, she spells her name 'Barbra' rather than 'Barbara.' No, I don't know why.

6:18 pm  
Anonymous Alison said...

I'm so rubbish leaving it so long to write, I have been intending to for ages, sorry about that. I just wanted to say thanks to the people who put the CDs together, they look and sound fab. And huge thanks to the people suggesting the music, I'd never have reason to listen to some of these songs and there is loads of ace stuff.

1:52 pm  
Blogger Paul said...

Was indeed very surprised by the Bab's track. Somehow I was expecting something suitably Wagnerian from Wir Sind Helden - probably to do with a long helped stereotype to do with Germans being very serious. Needless to say the track took me by surprise (pleasant surprise at that).

11:22 am  
Anonymous caskared said...

Here are my comments as I listen:

B: Tindersticks, my heart is breaking, such a sumptuous song, oh.

D: Detroit Cobras, how can I not have heard this before? drmigs, why didn't you force this my way before?

E: Echobelly, why can't the girl sing in tune? Could never stand this one, sorry, only thing on the list I want to skip through.

J: KLF, I agree this one is a bit dated, but 3am Eternal still sounds completely amazing and fresh.

Q: Queen Bee, yes! Wow!

R: Prince Far-I, makes me bob and describe things as righteous.

Overall comment, delightful! Thanks for putting the playlist together! Yay!

1:54 pm  

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