Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A black and white and red and white Christmas

Jingle those bells! Joyous news! Barry Hyde and Jaff of The Futureheads and the brothers Brewis of Field Music have teamed up along with an assortment of other North Easterners including This Ain't Vegas, The Golden Virgins, Kathryn Williams and ex-members of Kenickie to record a cover of 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'. It's due for release on Monday, but as it's limited edition and likely to be sold out, you're probably best off going here to hear it.

And the best thing about it? The collective are calling themselves The Joseph & Mary Chain.

As the website says: "Even if you aren't bothered about the charity, you should still buy the record because it's mint". And I can assure you that that, in the North Eastern vernacular, is the highest form of praise.

(Thanks to Simon for the links.)


Anonymous jonathan said...

I have a mate from Ashington who calls things 'mint' so I think it must be a Northumberland thing.... in Newcastle West End when I was growing up good things were 'cushty', truly exceptional things were'lush', and (my favourite) rubbish things were just 'raj'.

Anyway this record sounds canny lush and I might have to get it, like.

1:22 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Maybe "mint" is a Northumberland thing. "Cushty" went out of vogue a while back - I didn't think it was particularly Geordie anyway, was it?

As for "raj" (or "radge"?) - one of my favourite expressions. Not necessarily to mean "rubbish" - more to refer to something that's a bit nuts or mental or surprising eg "That was raj" would be the sort of thing uttered by a Geordie in the away end at Anfield when we'd just lost 4-3 for the second season in a row. Actually, come to think of it, it's perhaps more of a positive thing in my experience - ie last season's 4-3 win over Man City would be "raj".

No doubting what a "radgie" is, though - a certifiable nutcase, the sort of person who it's dangerous to be around...

1:35 pm  

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