Sunday, May 13, 2007


A not-especially-coherent round-up of recent things to have caught my eye:

Former NME deputy editor Alex Needham picks up on the recent Radio 6 quest to name and shame the worst lyrics ever committed to record. Needham's post (on the Guardian music blog) and the enormous comments thread which follows are well worth a read if you fancy a good laugh, particularly at self-proclaimed genius Johnny Borrell's expense - "And I met a girl / She asked me her name / I told her what it was", anyone?

Good news for Glasto goers (he says, with a smug grin...): not only are we going to have the pleasure of Spiritualized being amongst those playing on a brand new stage called The Park, but we'll also be supplied with free toilet roll. And did I mention that The Arcade Fire are playing?

But for every hit there's a miss, and unlike me Mike's been fortunate enough to catch Low on their recent tour. Like Kenny, he's also seen Maria McKee lately, and interviewed her to boot.

It wouldn't be a music round-up if I didn't mention Los Campesinos!, so... Their new single and signature song 'You! Me! Dancing!' is due to be released on Wichita on 4th June, and you can watch the video on their MySpace site. They'll be playing a celebratory gig at the Point in Cardiff that night (their first in their hometown since November, I think I'm right in saying) and, being the lovely people they are, they've invited Cardiff Friends of the Earth along to use the occasion to promote the Big Ask climate change campaign. Looks like a busy summer ahead for the septet, too, with appearances at the Razzmatazz festival in Barcelona and Lollapalooza confirmed and more festival dates likely to be added. Watch this space, as they say...


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