Sunday, May 13, 2007

In The Dock: Paul Weller - verdict

(A quick note: I've allowed all the votes cast to be counted towards the final verdict, as the original piece was posted a day later than planned.)

In favour of Del's case for the prosecution: 13 (Damo, Ian, Swiss Toni, Pete A, James, Stevious, Ben, Nick The Snick, Lord Bargain, Simon, Planet Me, Wan, Alison)

In favour of Pete's case for the defence: 1 (Happy Butterfly)

So, so close to being unanimous (though I'm still not entirely sure that the one vote for the defence hasn't been wrongly attributed). All the same, unfortunately for Pete, Del's comprehensive demolition job has done the trick and for his myriad crimes Paul Weller is quite rightly sentenced to a death most grisly.

Thanks again to Del and Pete.

Coming tomorrow, in what may or may not be the last ever In The Dock: Alison and Damo tackle the subject of encores, appropriately enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly, you all opened a can of whup'ass on Mr Weller. A good case for the prosecution there Del.

5:56 pm  
Blogger Del said...

I'll be completely honest, when I came to write my prosecution, I really thought I was going to struggle. The Jam's early stuff is so good that I thought it would be an uphill battle. I think the result shows just how much Paul Weller has done to destroy his own reputation.

6:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it'd be the same for me to be honest. I was struggling a little with arguments and thought I'd lose through a vague dislike of his later material.

I didn't quite expect the vehemence of the jury though. Now I know how Ben feels after his BritPop experience...

10:58 pm  
Blogger Del said...

Well, could be worse. You could've failed with The Beatles, like I did. The Beatles! Oy...

1:28 am  

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