Friday, March 02, 2007

If you go down to Spillers today...

... or rather Tuesday just gone, you're sure of a big surprise. For there, performing some of his recent solo material for the pleasure of the assembled throng, was Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys.

I may have been stood outside peering in through the open door (it was ticket-only) but it was definitely him - he made the point of standing up and holding aloft his guitar for our benefit.

If I'd finished work earlier and managed to snaffle one of the gold-dust tickets, I may well have had the pleasure of witnessing the Gindrinker live experience, for they were scheduled to play in support. Quite what passers-by and the builders and demolition men working on the St David's 2 site might have made of the likes of 'Hey! Greengrocer' is anyone's guess.

In-store appearances - anything the Big Boys can do, Spillers can do better. Just another reason why one of this city's most venerable institutions needs to be protected from possible extinction.


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