Friday, January 12, 2007

In The Dock: Musicians dabbling in politics - the verdict

One of the best all-out debates we've had yet, I think you'll agree.

After a slow start, a late surge saw me through...

In favour of Swiss Toni's case for the prosecution: 6 (John, Suburban Hen, Lord Bargain, Mike, Alex, drmigs)

In favour of my case for the defence: 12 (Damo, Nick The Snick, James, Javaira, Jonathan B, Del, Pete A, Caskared, Phill, Martin, Herrnash, Alison)

Abstentions: 2 (Ian, Mark)

(At least I think you were abstaining, Mark - apologies if I've misrepresented your comments.)

In any case, musicians dabbling in politics are found not guilty and Swiss Toni is hereby sentenced to a minimum of three years hard listening to the entire recorded output of Chumbawamba.

Thanks to Swiss Toni for his contribution.

Coming soon: only a few weeks after their tete-a-tete over goth, it's James v Phill again, this time duking it out about cock rock...


Blogger Martin said...

'three years hard listening to the entire recorded output of Chumbawamba'

Hasn't that been banned by every US State in favour of something more humane like death by pirhana? Good job you kept Chumbawamba to yourself until the result came in.

7:31 pm  
Blogger swisslet said...

I nearly mentioned them myself, actually, thanks to that album they did called "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records", but in the end I just didn't have room.

I think, as the winner... you and all the people who voted for you should now have to sit in a room and listen to Bono. Forever.

Anyway, I reckon I can almost invoke Godwin's Law (as mentioned by John somewhere below) and declare myself the winner. Despots / Nazis... it's nearly the same thing innit?

Well done everyone.


8:02 pm  

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