Friday, January 05, 2007

In The Dock: Misogynistic hip-hop - the verdict

A valiant effort from Jonathan, but as soon as the votes began coming in the overall verdict was never really in doubt.

In favour of Caskared's case for the prosecution: 7 (Damo, James, Suburban Hen, Pete G, Mike, Nick The Snick, Ben)

In favour of Jonathan S's case for the defence: 1 (Pete A)

Abstentions: 2 (Swiss Toni, Alison)

50 Cent et al are hereby sentenced to a minimum of three years reading the collected works of Germaine Greer and Andrea Dworkin.

Thanks to Caskared and Jonathan for their contributions.

Coming soon: I take on Swiss Toni on the subject of musicians dabbling in politics.


Blogger Del said...

A great shame I missed this debate, as I would have reluctantly sided with the defence, and asked those supporting the prosecution whether they liked James Bond movies.

3:11 am  

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