Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News but no tributes

Sad news: following disappointing sales of their second album News And Tributes, The Futureheads have parted company with their label 679 Recordings.

Not so long ago (Glastonbury 2005, for instance), it seemed as though the boys from the Dark Place could do no wrong. But there's no doubt that, though it has its moments, News And Tributes came as something of a disappointment.

Vocalist / guitarist Barry Hyde's comments smack of someone putting a brave face on it and in so doing protesting too much: "I'm over the moon about it to be honest with you, 'cos I feel like we're free now. We weren't happy as a band on that label. It's good to get out of the shackles of being tied down to something. I think it's put us in a very strong position 'cos we're still a band that people like".

I hope for their sakes it genuinely is liberation, rather than being cut adrift.

And just as they've been set free, another of my favourites have been signed up (see above). Let's just hope Los Campesinos! don't come to see their deal in terms of being shackled.

(Thanks to Kenny for the link.)


Blogger Damo said...

I was a bit shocked when I read. I love The Futureheads. And the second album's great - always a good when a band doesn't repeat itself (although as I've said before, with some bands it's reassuring, but you wouldn't want them all to do it).

Perhaps if they had covered Wuthering Heights this time out, the label would have kept them.

I've seen smaller things break a band though - I really hope it doesn't happen. There aren't many bands where I can claim I've followed them from the "2 men and a dog" gigs to the (relatively) big time, but this is one of them...

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