Friday, November 24, 2006

In The Dock: R'n'B - the verdict

A particularly hotly-contested one, this - sometimes a bit too hotly contested... The jury has delivered a clear verdict, though.

In favour of Swiss Toni's case for the prosecution: 6 (Stevious, Lithaborn, Mark, JonnyB, Lord Bargain, drmigs)

In favour of Del's case for the defence: 15 (James, Dead Kenny, Mike, Caskared, Ian, Tina, Damo, Pete A, Ben, Paul, Martin, RussL, Jenni, Betty, Jonathan B)

In favour of a mistrial: 1 (Literary Hoax)

(RussL in a false moustache / The Polyphonic Spree: You can't fool me...)

All of which means that R'n'B is cleared of the charges brought against it.

Thanks again to Swiss Toni and Del for their contributions.

Next up, over the weekend: the two Jonathans go head-to-head over Belle & Sebastian.


Blogger Damo said...

Whoever's prosecuting B&S is going to have to try VERY HARD INDEED to convince me. I think they've gone from a highly entertaining niche band to a fantastic pop band, and apart from Muse they were the best thing I saw at Reading last year...

1:24 pm  
Blogger swisslet said...

I knew the second I sat down to start writing the case for the prosecution that I was in a lot of trouble with this one:

1) other than a - now I came to think about it - rather vague notion that I didn't like a lot of r'n'b, my knowledge of it is limited. To say the least.

2) The whole idea of lumping different music together into a genre is a bit silly and smothering. Damning a whole genre is even sillier. As Damo / Ben Folds / Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder said, "There's good and bad in everyone".

As a result, I did all I could do - I tried to limit my terms of engagement to exclude a lot of things I thought the defence might use in his case - motown and the like. I also tried to make it clear that it was a fool's errand, but at least I knew I was a fool.

I'm not surprised by the result, to be honest. Thanks to those people who did vote for me, but in different circumstances, I think I'd not have found it too hard to be voting for the defence.

I really can't abide Usher though.

It's a good game, this!


1:30 pm  
Blogger Del said...

How I won with this, but lost with The Beatles, will forever be a mystery to me. Oh well.

1:26 am  

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