Thursday, November 02, 2006

If you like this, why not try...

Two splendid music features currently underway on other sites:

Taking up TAON's very own Pete's gauntlet is RussL, who is risking health and sanity by undertaking the Going Deaf For A Fortnight challenge. In other words, fourteen gigs in fourteen nights. Will he make it to the end? How severe will the tinnitus be? And, most pertinently, how many "OK melodic rock bands" will he see / be able to stomach?

Meanwhile, for the duration of this month Simon of Sweeping The Nation will be asking friends, bloggers and musicians to write about songs that deserve to be heard and appreciated by a wider audience. The feature's called Songs To Learn And Sing, and in addition to the words Simon will be endeavouring to provide a sound file to each featured track.

I should also point you in the direction of the latest downloadable Sweeping The Nation covermount. This time the theme is songs containing lists - which means brilliant tracks from Queens Of The Stone Age and Le Tigre, in addition to the inevitable 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' and 'We Didn't Start The Fire'.


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