Friday, October 20, 2006

Some Links

Links to musical stuff extracted from my Linkfarm. I may well do this regularly, since I appear unable to contribute to this blog in a useful manner.

Tangerine is just what I've been waiting for. A Mac app that analyses your mp3s and figures out the BMP. It's still chugging through my music (seems to do one a second on my old G4) but so far it seems very accurate. Also, the BMP-centric playlist window is very cool. (via)

The amusing story of the new Misty's video. In short, Misty's Big Adventure write a song, Fashion Parade, about all the crap bands who sound the same. They then have a crap band supporting them at a gig called The Teats. They put 2+2 together and manage to get said band to perform in their video as the crap band in the song. A little later The Teats realise what's happened and it all kicks off. Yeah, I didn't get it at first either. (via)

Mareva Galanter. Your French/Polynesian electropop 60s covers ukulele songstress for today, courtesy of the mighty World of Kane.

Going Deaf For A Fortnight 2006. Russ L outlines his plans for this year's GDFAF. I will be reporting on his reporting as it happens.

Oh joy - a couple of videos from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (Myspace). Here's one and here's the other. Me like! (via)

Don't Download This Song. The return of Weird Al Yankovic. Naturally this (actually very funny) song is available to download. Neat video too. More info here.

Are you Komfortable?. An hour long podcast from The Orb is a very welcome thing. (It's an m4a file with "chapters" which I think makes it iTunes only, but it is free) (via, I forgot)


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