Tuesday, October 31, 2006

currently listening to:

1. Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag Nag (where Art Brut have retained the dominant, droll lyrics but done much to beef up their sound; a brilliant single.)
2. The Good, The Bad and the Queen - 80s Life (almost impossible to pick a song from their forthcoming album which doesn't merit a mention, but this is the song that's stuck in my head this week, particularly the lyric, "I don't want to live with war that's got no end in our time").
3. Field Music - In Context (wherein Field Music, if such a thing is possible, get snappier and poppier and more brilliant. Can't wait for the album).
4. Joe Jackson - Fools In Love ("gently tear each other limb from limb")
5. Jarvis Cocker - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time (Jarvis' best song in ages? Got to be! Romantic, yearning, tuneful, funny - excellent)
6. Graham Coxon - What Ya Gonna Do Now? (a hilarious, brilliant, nutty Clash-like rant: enormous fun)
7. Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic (a bit brit-pop-tastic this list, isn't it? Well, another good track from the new Jarvis record - a kind of aggressive Motown stomp with a big wall of voices, and quite ace too)
8. Subtle - The Mercury Craze (enjoying this a lot, mainly by virtue of it being the most insane hip hop record I've come across for a while - it reminds me of Gold Chains, whose 'Rock The Parti' I absolutely obsessed over a few years back)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, I thought I would respond with a what I'm listening too:

1. War of the Worlds rock opera by Jeff Wayne. It's amazing, with thumping bass and singing martians Uuuuullllaaaaa in an oh so 70s way.

2. Late Junction on Radio 3 listen again. The perfect soundtrack of woobley world experimental serenity. And Mixing It too, like late junction but with more jarring noises and extra out-musoing.

3. Gothic Girl by International Pony. "hey there gothic girl, watch out you don't get a tan" or something.

4. Medames et messiures by Pipilotti Rist. a gift from Virga, art noise with a lovely female french voice.

5. Songs of Faith and Devotion by, um, Depeche Mode. It just sounds even better on headphones walking through a clear dark and very cold night at minus temperatures. Synthpop works best in winter.

6. Is This Desire by PJ Harvey, ahhhh.

7. David Bowie singles, have trouble not trying to sing like him after.

8. Ropey early 1980s electropop, not sure what's happened to me over the past year. My synthpop likings have become unbridled! Can't get enough tinny sparceness with clasic pop arpegioed harmony keyboards, bring on the drum machine!

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