Saturday, October 14, 2006

And in the red corner...

With nearly four months having passed since the final installment, the dust has well and truly settled on The A-Z Of Music series. So it's about time a successor was named, don't you think?

Well, fear not.

Starting next weekend is a series which will see two people slugging it out over a contentious subject every week. Most of the contributors were involved in the A-Z, but we've also got some fresh blood. You the reader will then get the opportunity to give your points verdict.

Of course, this extended boxing metaphor is a bit of a red herring given the feature is called In The Dock...

Anyway, make sure you pop by this time next week, when Lord Bargain and Del will be doing battle over the relative merits (or otherwise) of that most sacred of cows The Beatles. See you then.


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