Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The other Jonathan's Indiepop odyssey: Songs four to six

4 Fuzzbox... What’s The Point?

I say Fuzzbox, but of course this quintet of violent-haired Brummie lasses really called themselves We’ve Got a Fuzzbox And We’re Going To Use It, and for a few short months in 1987 it seemed their curiously engaging brand of electro pop, the shambolicness of whose execution made early Talulah Gosh look like the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, was about to take over the world. Tragically however, good sense prevailed and the Fuzzbox girls went back to playing on their Bontempi organs and scrawling their schoolgirl-crush lyrics in marker pen on West Midlands bus-shelters. A sad loss.

5 Colourfield.... Thinking of You

Terry Hall left the chart-busting Specials, dissappeared off the face of the Earth for a couple of years, then reappeared on BBCs Saturday Superstore (the weekend morning show that the fey indie-kids of tomorrow watched; Tiswas was just so vulgar and, oh, mainstream) with a new female vocalist (who he had met a bus-stop or something) and this mournful, plinkety-plonk offering, the sort which gets into your head and refuses to leave for twenty years. Treat this apparently throwaway melody with the respect it deserves!

6 Specials..... Friday Night Saturday Morning

‘I hope the chip shop isn’t closed, because their pies are really nice’. Terry Hall (for it is that man again) is evoking the end of a typical weekend night out in his native Coventry- but it could have been Liverpool, Nottingham, or Newcastle in the early 80s, as unemployment soared, and a nation’s dissaffected youth sought solace in drinking, brawling, and late night steak and kidney puddings. Friday Night Saturday Morning was the B-side of the more celebrated Specials ‘State of the Nation’ address, the number one hit Ghost-town. The B side, I say! These boys were so talented they had songs like this to throw away, apparently.

Songs five to seven of this rummage through my box of Silk Cut- scented seven inch singles to follow on Friday.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Hey Jonathan,

Really enjoying the run-down, it's great, although it's made me realise that somewhere along the line I've lost lots of records, as you've already covered two I thought I still had but apparently don't. Damn.

Incidentally, don't forget the marvellous Fun Boy Three, which occupied Terry Hall for a couple of years between the Specials and Colourfield. They were really fantastic...

4:11 pm  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Fun Boy Three! So that's where he went to, I had forgotten all about them. Didn't they have a hit with Bananarama (I know, not very indiepop but I did fancy the dark one something rotten, I would set my alarm clock for their appearances on Saturday Superstore...)

Anyway I'm glad you're enjoying the series Jonathan- as you can see songs seven to nine have now appeared up-a-height there, a whole half-an-hour ahead of schedule. As for those two songs you thought you had but hadn't, don't fret.... just email me your address and I will send you the tape of all thirty in the post (and perhaps you can send me something back to listen to on my Walkman- I have always been curious about this Assistant band of yours for example...)

Man I'd better get down HMV and pick up a couple of blank tapes this weekend...

11:44 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Can I join in the love-in? ;) You're absolutely spot on, Jonathan B - Fun Boy Three teamed up with Bananarama for 'It Ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)'.

Personally I have a very soft spot for Bananarama (my choice for the letter B in our A-Z perhaps?), and I can't quite decide whether it's just their illustrious past that's led me to conclude their latest single is actually quite decent.

9:35 am  

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