Sunday, October 09, 2005

Testing, testing, one, two, three

Welcome to The Art Of Noise, a new collaborative blog from Jonathan and Ben that's all about the music, maaaan.

To call what will appear here "new", however, is misleading. The idea (at least at first) is that we'll publish the music posts which appear on our personal blogs - Assistant and Silent Words Speak Loudest respectively - on The Art Of Noise too. There may be content "exclusive" to this site in the future, as there may well be additional contributors - but for the moment it's just the two of us gathering together what we've written elsewhere into a single blog.

Though our tastes overlap in some areas, you can expect some differences of opinion - but that's what makes life interesting and hopefully it might help generate some healthy comment box debate.

Finally, a brief word about music in this inaugural post. The new Franz Ferdinand LP really is rather good, isn't it?


Blogger swisslet said...

this should be good. one thing though: have you ever heard a roadie get past two?


7:00 am  

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